‘Cuz its all about the PHONICS !! ( Language Arts #1)

Having already posted about our homeschooling space, followed by our very first day of homeschooling that began with project CALENDAR from our Culture and Science section of the curriculum, I’ve made a serious section of my mommy followers wait way too long for this blog and so firstly – my sincere apologies for the delay! I hope… Read More ‘Cuz its all about the PHONICS !! ( Language Arts #1)

Let’s begin with the Calendar…. ‘cuz why not?

Ever since my first post on homeschooling, I’ve been brainstorming with reference to blogging about the how’s & why’s; the curriculum; our learning process; so on, and so forth. Whilst dodging and filtering my thoughts, I randomly posted about our very own homeschooling corner about 48 hours ago. And BAM!!! THE CALENDAR !! (which by… Read More Let’s begin with the Calendar…. ‘cuz why not?

“Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls…”

Ok, WOW! Little (actually, not at all!) did I expect my WhatsApp,  Gmail, Facebook & Instagram to be flooded with PM’s after my last post. Thank you lovelies for the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L thoughts, words and the overwhelming encouragement & support with reference to my homeschooling initiation. I must say it was quite refreshing to be at… Read More “Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls…”

Our Greatest Responsibility 

As always, there is absolutely NOTHING out there that is as satisfying as receiving a book you ordered! More so, when you’ve eagerly picked it out for the kids and waited patiently to address the million thought provoking questions that’ll canonball once they’re done reading.  Out of the million and  slowly-becoming-harder-to-keep-count-of perks of being a… Read More Our Greatest Responsibility