The Tree That Spoke A Million Words To Me.

” One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else ” Anonymous.

We constantly seek a self that’s far far away from what we truly are!

This modus operandi is sadly prevalent in all realms – it could be physically, emotionally, intellectually, politically – The focus is and always has been on a stead!y, and rather determined perseverance towards becoming like another, who in our own perception is beyond better than us. Most of the time though, it is not our perceptions,but a forceful picture painted by the crowd around us, that we are made to live in compliance with. A crowd that we feel we need to “fit” in with, in order to be… To be what ? I never really understood this desperate need that we have – is it to be noticed ? Is it to be secure ? Or is it simply this pathetic need we have to think just like everyone else or say things that everyone else is saying or do things JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT ???

The Tree That Spoke A million Words to me - Hyde Park, London, 2011.
The Tree That Spoke A million Words to me – Hyde Park, London, 2011.

I seldom find the answers to my questions amidst the crowds that I walk with – Often I find it in nature, in the most toughest of situations, in deep painful heart breaks, in the eyes and smiles of children – many times in the lyrics of a song!

And rightfully so, this beautiful tree that stands out so loud without having to put down its surroundings, spoke a million words to me just by standing still and allowing me to capture, and treasure it in my memory card eternally.

With its million thought provoking words it left a deep reminder that standing out and standing alone takes a lot of courage than moving with and in a crowd but it also means that by doing the same , you get to think like YOU, speak like YOU, act like YOU and ironically, get noticed ‘cuz you are YOU and there’s no one else like it. There was, is and will always be just one YOU. So why be someone else when you get to be YOU??

” Dare to be different.Dare to be bold.Stand out in a crowd…. Why would anyone want to fit in a mold??? Be original. Be amazing – Be YOU !! ” Amy Lauer.


13 thoughts on “The Tree That Spoke A Million Words To Me.

  1. Your magnificent photo reminds me of a poem I wrote about a pink tree:

    I shall walk with thee
    By the pink blossoming tree
    In the gentle swing breeze
    Tenderly sipping nectar as bees
    Singing hallelujah on our knees

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  2. It seems most humans exhibit pack animal behavior, conditioned and reinforced during our formative teen years. Peer pressure and social media certainly doesn’t help. The primal need to conform is a behavior that ppl need to evolve away from, once we wake up and remember who we really are. 🙂

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