Weekend Irony !

So what is your idea of a weekend? Define W-E-E-K-E-N-D for me, if you will.

I look around and I find almost everyone gearing up “for” the weekend – To such an extend that I could’ve sworn that some people actually feel they aren’t psychologically normal if they don’t have any roaring animalistic plans for the weekend. Everybody is so looking forward to winding up –

Isn’t the right word “unwinding” though? Isn’t that what a weekend calls for? What good is a weekend if it is as exhausting ( sometimes even way more !) than the week days?

Don’t judge already! – I am the exact and extreme opposite of a quiet introvert. Impulsive, spontaneous, loud and ready to take a hike or jump off a cliff if the plan calls for it – I’ll be up and pumping – Just don’t call me to jump on a weekend!

I remember a few weekends in the past where the husband and I have been on our toes with the so called “weekend plans” at the end of which he’d be like ” Phew.. I need a break…how far is next weekend” – Savvy?

And so this is how we work out our current weekends after realization hit us and we learned to luxuriously bask in the glory of weekends while we can –

In Kuwait, the weekend kicks off on Thursdays and so – Thursday evenings are given off to grocery/any shopping sprees, invitations, family visits, friends crashing over so on and so forth. Fridays are completely given off to the kids – they pick the destinations, they pick the game, they pick the food – they pick it ALL !

Saturdays – ( my favourite!) ” Laze around in bed day”  – And we mean that literally !!

None of us gets out of the bedroom area ( or you could even say the Bed !) – unless it is for prayers or to open the door for the home delivery guy or if nature calls! The kids seem to enjoy this way more than we do – They are free to roll around , play and go crazy in bed, eat in bed, get messy to their hearts content – and the sheer joy that they receive in having both their parents together in a frame and in game with all their craziness is priceless to them and most cherished !

The hubby and I eagerly look forward to these laze-around-in-bed Saturdays when we religiously indulge in watching re-runs of our favourite TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S ( well, that’s not specific to weekends!) and over-indulge our tummies in anything and everything our fridge generously has to offer !!


To me weekend isn’t a journey anymore – it is a destination. A destination I go to unwind and pointlessly do pointless things that are sooooooo pointless that even the nonsensical week days ahead start making sense to me!

On that note – Here’s to an unraveling, doing-absolutely-nothing-yet-extremely-high-on-satisfaction, laze-around-in-bed and worth-every-calorie kinda’ weekend to all of u ! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekend Irony !

  1. I would have to agree. But I like to take my heart to my fav. coffee house (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) and relax. Spend some quality time with friends who somehow I am unable to meet up during the weekdays due to their work and mine. But a hectic weekend plan of beach, road trip and laser tag ain’t my cup of tea. Cheers to your weekend!

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    1. See that’s the thing ! Beach, road trips and laser tags are all fine with me. Maybe when you’re on a long vacation – Weekend nah ! That’s a whole other ball game for me 🙂 ( Coffee bean – our fav. too 😀 ) Cheers to your weekend mate !

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