My Favourite Shot.

Out of the million random shots that my camera has happily “clicked” away with – This one particular shot , I must admit, is one of my favorites.

Just like the clicks before – I got darn lucky, yet again at this one shot which managed to capture exactly what I wanted to portray in the shot – standing up above and just outside the Picadilly Circus Station.

I was hoping to capture the essence of this fascinating town that displays some great works of architecture and some brilliant light effects to the same – amidst the buzzing, never – subsiding crowds of locals and tourists.  ( I cannot begin to describe my excitement when I saw the very same spot in the 5th part of the Harry Potter movie series !!! 😀 😀 )

A shot of the Ripley's Museum amidst the gathering crowds, at the foot of the Picadilly Circus Station, London.2011.
A shot of the Ripley’s Museum amidst the gathering crowds, at the foot of the Picadilly Circus Station, London.2011

Although, I was hoping for a more rainy dullness in the background – A tone of weather that London almost oh so generously offers throughout the year !! and just decided not to, on the day that I desperately required the same!

On this particular day , the odds were against me and so a few colour toning adjustments on my camera as well as Photoshop CS 5 managed to deliver exactly the fragment of imagination that was shouting out and banging at the walls of my brains !

same click - different tones.
same click – different tones

April 12th, 2011 – A memorable day , a lucky click and and a beautiful addition to my list of favourites.


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