Falling Only To Rise !

How it always begins...
How it always begins…
Descending without warning or a cry of help...
Descending swiftly……
Drowning without a cry for help....
Drowning without a cry for help….
And then it is almost goodbye...
And then it is almost goodbye…
And in just a while…
It is goodbye..... but is it though?
It is finally goodbye…

But is it though?

Now try and look at these images the other way around – ‘Cuz if scrolled on upwards from here – the fall and farewell of the sun is simply a retrieval for a higher rise –   Perception is everything.

But why should there be a fall if there is going to be a rise anyway ? Why a dark moment if the light is to ultimately set in ? Why goodbye when it isn’t really goodbye after all?

Strangely it’s in the nature of us beings – wouldn’t know if we’re built that way or choose to be the way we are, but it is simply ironic that we unfortunately yet truly only appreciate and acknowledge the bright side and feel its bliss if we’ve been pushed over to the darker edge before it. Though our daily cries are for a steady goodness and consistent happiness – when we do get graced with the same, it turns into an ironic monotony. It is hard for the appreciation or gratitude to come through. It takes loosing to know what you’ve had all along!

And so I believe the sun sets upon us every evening to rise upon us every day and grace us with the light that we wouldn’t even acknowledge the presence of , if it weren’t for those few hours of darkness when the night sets upon us.

“Life is too ironic to understand – It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence & absence to value presence.”  Unknown.


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