Writing 101 & Blogging 101 #Day 1 – Why do I write.. Who am I & Why I’m here ?

Hello everyone !

This beautiful world of blogging that lays down the path for one to pen-down absolutely anything that flows out of the mind and heart was something I discovered about 2 months ago. I’ve had 10 posts up on my blog since then and it’s been one hell of a joy ride so far ! Extremely motivating ( and highly addictive !)

I am someone who cannot distinguish between the words “writing” and “breathing” – and so there were a very few ( or maybe none) inhibitions involved when I started blogging. Writing 101 seemed like a terrific idea of further indulging in  my insane obsessive reading and writing extravaganza. I stumbled upon it on the Daily Post one fine morning and so, latched on!

Once again – A big hello to all fellow bloggers and new ones on board 🙂

Blogging 101 asks me “Who I am & Why I’m here” – About Me – Clicking this link should pretty much cover that up ! And somewhere along our blogging journey , you’ll find out everything else that interests, intrigues  and you find questionable  with regard to me – My writing mirrors who I am.

Today’s Writing 101 question – Why do I write.. – is a question that I have most elaborately addressed and highlighted upon, on my very first post and so would love it if you guys peaked in for a bit 🙂 – ” Start Writing No Matter What.. The Water Does Not Flow Until The Faucet Is Turned On..” – Louis L’amour. – This link should direct you to my post.I would like to make a few additions though…now that I am no longer new to my blog.

With time and letting out the words that have been banging on the walls of my head  – I have come to understand that I write because I have something to tell the world…I write because something that I go through is another thing that someone else could perhaps relate to…I write so that I could slowly unleash each fragment of my mind and put it out there so that the whole of me is alive and kicking ! I write because I breathe… I breathe because I write.

My blog currently holds 5 columns;

Me, Myself and I  – A place where it’s all me and my perceptions.

My World Through The Eyes Of A Camera – My passion for photography unleashed.

Midnight Indulgences – Poetic stories of not more than 5 – 6 lines that creepily roam around the corners of my head while I’m trying to sleep.

Food For Thought! – Ideas and thoughts that I would like the world to stop and ponder upon.

When The Music Speaks For Me… – My soulful connection to music.

and starting today –

Writing 101 & Blogging 101– all posts in response to the questions posed by Writing 101 & Blogging 101.

….and so this is how far my unwinding has worked out until now. With time I hope to expand the columns and further let out everything that makes a connection with me and attach the same to my flow of thoughts and words that drip down the tip of my pen.

I hope you all enjoy this outburst of passions as much as I do and find it as liberating as I have ! Here’s to everyone on board !!

Why write? To shine a light; To right a wrong; To shape chaos into art; To know what we think; To pose difficult questions; To challenge our own beliefs; to connect. Because we have to. ” – Dani Shapiro


20 thoughts on “Writing 101 & Blogging 101 #Day 1 – Why do I write.. Who am I & Why I’m here ?

    1. That’s a very motivating line for a new bee such as I 🙂 Thank you so much ! I was just going through your world filled with the beauty of Indian culture at so many points. U can expect me as a regular hence 🙂
      Happy Writing ! 🙂 Great to have bumped into u !

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for that ! I didn’t actually sit down to make those categories. Every time I wrote something , if I felt the need for it to be categorized, I just named it at that point. Later on, when I wrote some more I just added it on to the categories that seemed relevant. If a new post didn’t fit in – I’d form a new category that could fit in the post. Hope it made sense 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for that 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the title and I hope you enjoy the posts within that category just as much 🙂 Midnight Indulgences is my favourite too !! No thought process involved – it’s in the heart …right over to the fingertips.

      Liked by 1 person

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