Writing101 & Blogging101 #Day 3 – One Word Inspiration.

The words “ONE WORD” –  when my eyes fell upon today’s assignment seriously creep-ed me out ! I’m so not a ONE WORD person. ( My last assignment probably gave away that bit 😛 !)

The word that followed though – “INSPIRATION”  – was quite a relief. 😀

Having seen the list I’ve surprised myself by not picking a word such as LOVE or HOME. Had you known me in person you’d be surprised as well !

I chose UNCERTAINTY as my word today – as this one word has been a realization that’s hit me more often now, than ever.

With time I’ve come to realize that there is absolutely nothing out here, that we could be certain about. Not people, not our circumstances – not even life!

We live through each day and swim around in “uncertainty” in hopes of finding certainty in someone or some thing or at the least an event so that we could tell ourselves there is something that we can control in our lives.

When you come to a point where you realize that uncertainty exists in everything that crosses paths with you – You try to find it in yourself.  No matter how uncertain everything around you is – you tell yourself that you will not cave in !!

“You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for God’s sakes!” – Kate Winslet, The Holiday.

The truth is – one can’t even be certain about oneself. The truth is – change and uncertainty are eternal best friends. The truth is – if you think you’re certain about who you are or how you’re always going to be to yourself or to another – you’re either way too naive or living completely in denial.

The sole truth is that – the only thing you can truly be certain about – is UNCERTAINTY.


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