Writing101 & Blogging101 #Day 4 – A Story In A Single Image.

Today’s Writing101 assignment took me back a few weeks, when I had indulged myself in a similar blog post.

I re-told a story that was very thought provokingly narrated to me, by an image. An image that I had managed to capture a couple of years ago while I was in the UK, pursuing my Undergraduate Degree.

Although we’re asked to choose an image from a given website – I think what we’re told to focus more upon is an image that has inspired us in some way or the other.

I cannot help but re-share my post as the thoughts that the photograph inspired me with – is one that I believe most people need to ponder over. A thought that could set us free from the shackles and chains that pin each one of us down.

Date – 13th, April 2011 ( My birthday :D)

Location – Hyde Park, London, UK.

My Inspiration – A Tree That Spoke A Million Words To Me. – This link should take you to my idea of A Story In A Single Image.

” The hardest battle that you are ever going to fight is the battle to be just you”Leo Buscaglia


2 thoughts on “Writing101 & Blogging101 #Day 4 – A Story In A Single Image.

  1. My question is why do we want to find certainty in the first place? What’s so great about being sure anyway. I really appreciate that your post made me think. Is your blog intended as a blogging course for others, or are you taking a writing/blogging class? Either way, it’s great!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more to your question ! It reminds of a question Anthony Hopkins put forth in the movie ‘The RitE’ – You know, the interesting thing about sceptics, is that we’re always looking for proof… the question is, what on earth would we ever do if we found it? ” 🙂
      I think one could apply the same to the concept of certainty. Thank you so very much for the lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the reads. And haha ! I’m a new blogger 😀 -Not a course trainer or Blogging class 🙂 – Infact I’m on one of the courses offered by wordpress and hence the heading says Writing101 & Blogging101 🙂 Great bumping into you here – I’m coming onto your blog now to check it out 🙂


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