Feminism – And How We Molested It !!

If you look up the definition of the word ‘Feminism” , most dictionaries will give you something on these lines – ” the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

Now let’s look at the definition of the word ‘Maleinism’ … Oh wait ! There’s no such word. ( So much for equality of rights !!)

So I guess this would mean that males don’t usually go through any kind of physical or mental abuse or any kind of injustice where they aren’t unable to express their rights as men – perhaps ‘cuz all the women in this world are so giving and sacrificing and non-dominating ! Or maybe even because we women are supposed to be treated with tenderness, gentle love and care irrespective of how some of us are capable of making another person’s life a living hell for eternity!

No. This is no blame game. This is no taking sides of either sex. This is I ( and a lot of others, who I know think on similar lines..) asking if defining “Feminism” as the result of one’s own ego, gender complexities and dirty conveniences is acceptable?

” Everyone’s a genius but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree , it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid ” – This is a quote by Albert Einstein in reference to the injustice we humans tend to demonstrate sometimes, when it comes to judging the abilities of different individuals, especially in the case of children and education. Please-climb-that-tree1

Let’s take the same quote and apply it to the Male v/s Female crisis that we face. Make sense now?

The Elephant and the Monkey are part of a similar group – Animals. Yet it would be beyond ignorant to compare the speed at which a Monkey climbs a tree to that of an elephant. Just as how it would be to compare the strength of an elephant to the strength of a Monkey !!

Men and women hail from the similar group – Human Beings. We have different personalities, different perspectives, different emotions, different reactions to situations and the list of differences are endless.

Even the elements that drive us crazy are different – Our menstrual cycles and hormones hold the key to our moods while for men – an accomplishment/failure at work or a football match that held the victory of their favorite team, or simply the release of the new iPhone series ! (True story!)

What is the point of comparison in two distinct species, when both , by nature, are not similar in any way except for the fact that they spring out of a similar group and live within the same?? How can points of superiority or inferiority of any kind be drawn from two individuals ,who have an incomparable level of superiority and inferiority simply because it is impossible for either to be exactly the same as another. The best possible way to define this would be that of a tweet I came across earlier this week which read – “Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are loosing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can’t do.”…. and vice versa !!!

There are a lot of places in this world where a call for establishing the rights of a women are indispensable –  on grounds of human rights ! – But what we need to clearly comprehend, is that, these are specific to those places and to specific women in specific situations and most importantly – do not actually hold true to every woman who exists on planet earth !! NO. 

A few days back I read an article about a 40 year old man who has lived his entire life based on whatever his mother had asked him to do since birth – simply because he couldn’t gather the courage to explain to her why he needs to set out on his own journey now that he was big enough to take his own decisions. And why did he not gather the courage? Because it was simply impossible to deal with the after effects ( both mentally and physically) of even opening his mouth to suggest something to her, ! The article was titled on these lines – ” Waiting for my mother to die” – I reserve any further comments on this.

I personally know of not one, but many, absolutely warm and honest-to-goodness kinda’ men who have somehow ended up with the terribly and horribly wrong kind of woman and are paying the price of it on a day to day basis ( hour to hour..minute to minute..second to second !!) – Not opting to leave them for another simply because of their moral values and commitment. (True story – a one that I could vouch for !)

( I choose not to elaborate further on the acts and facts of butchery, slavery and mental molestation of men by their women,simply because it puts me to shame as a woman myself!)

Are these kind of severe life altering mental challenges and tortures not counted, when it comes to rights to equality? ( and by the way physical abuse and sex slavery is not specific to women either !).

So why exactly are we women screaming through our heads, eyes, mouths and va***a’s about the inequality towards us , and how superior we actually are and can be – and then terming this disgusting gender complex as “Feminism” ?

A few months ago the brand VOGUE released a video entitled MY CHOICE – It displayed some of India’s most talented celebrities and was meant to demonstrate women empowerment, apparently a.k.a Feminism. For those of you who haven’t managed to get a glimpse of the same, here it is –

Social networking websites and domains were packed full with constant sharing of this video with tags such as ” WOMEN’S RIGHTS FOR YOU !” ” THIS IS WHAT TRUE FEMINISM STANDS FOR” ” WOMEN RULE!” .”IT’S TIME YOU MEN UNDERSTOOD” , so on and so forth.

I knew a bit too well what I might find, if I clicked the video to watch the same – yet “I CHOSE” to do it and I must admit – It was the most ignorantly hilarious, and arrogantly ridiculous, thing that I have ever come across in recent times!

“Feminism” in my perception has never been about trying to show that women are better or stronger – There is no need for that kind of demonstration because already by nature, woman are beautiful , strong and extremely brave. It is by nature. It is by default. The only need is to put this point across to a certain few who cannot see this through or respect it enough to treat women appropriately – and most importantly, treat women in a humanly fashion

But here we are, shouting and screaming and sharing videos that in the whole truth of it – demonstrates and states nothing but this – ” I WANT EQUALITY BUT I ALSO WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT THAT ALLOWS ME TO DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO IT EFFECTS, AND STILL GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN AND FEMINISM MUST BE RESPECTED BY ONE AND ALL ” – What is that?

It is bad enough that so many women are genuinely fighting for their basic rights as human beings around the world – Sympathizing with the same and trying to assist in sorting the crisis is one thing – but unnecessarily empathizing and creating our own ideas of what oppression could be or what “feminism” truly stands for is beyond my comprehension!

Dear Women, – Listen to yourselves. You are turning into the OPPOSITE of what some of the great ‘feminists’ genuinely fight for and exactly the same as what the word “feminism” truly stands AGAINST ! You are strong and gorgeous and irreplaceable by nature – There’s absolutely no need to prove it (and becoming absurd in the process of it..!) – neither to yourself , nor to another.

Dear Men, – Respect women. Love women. Care for women. Support women. Her being, is what lays down the most significant ground to you being a man ( literally!!).

I am a Feminist (can you believe that?)

Yes ! I am. I believe all women are human beings and should be treated in a way that does justice to the term “human being”. I believe all women deserve education, health, support, love and care. Also, I believe and feel the EXACT same way for men. 

“Men are from Mars..Women are from Venus” – NO. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. DEAL WITH IT !


20 thoughts on “Feminism – And How We Molested It !!

  1. What a great post – and a courageous one too. The stereotype of the forever-on-the-receiving-end woman takes a terrible toll on many men – and I have seen quite a few of those. While it’s true that the battered-woman phenomenon is quite common, the abused man phenomenon too exists. Unfortunately, the domestic violence act of India is tilted so heavily to favor women, that some women abusers use it to abuse their spouses.
    I am retweeting this post (I barely have two dozen followers, so it really isn’t much – but I really think that this post should get more exposure).

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  2. Well said……leave the world feminism and male dominance….all the world needs is to give both men and women freedom for doing and thinking what they want….ethically right ones ofcourse..

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  3. Well said and a very thought provoking read. I think this concept of minorities or the silenced fighting for equality it fair and necessary yet I love your point that if your seeking equality you can’t have special treatment as well.

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    1. Thank you so much and I’m truly glad that you enjoyed the read. Yes, to me, equality doesn’t make sense if one is asking for special illogical privileges inside the realm of the same. As hard as it is to receive fair treatment in this world – the least one could do is be fair in asking the same!

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  4. Whole heartedly agree with you. The reason feminism was born was because of how women were(and still are in a lot of places) treated like second class citizens by men. The idea was to fight was equality and not to be the superior being or belittling the men to make us look better. What about millions of men who stand as strong forces for feminism? Isn’t it insulting them? Wish people begin to understand equality a bit better but that, as someone mentioned here, will take generations.

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    1. The creepy part is though, that it only seems to be getting worse – with individuals like the ones I mentioned in my post who are adding more fuel to the fire. Instead of addressing the real issues with inequality of both men and women in many places – we have come down to irreasonably identifying with them and making our no good self-proclaimed oppression statements. God help the whole of humanity!!!


  5. This is a well written post. I am a feminist, a women empowerment and child rights advocate. I constantly find myself defending what I do only because some people misuse the whole concept of feminism for their benefits!
    As I have mentioned in the comments on one of my posts, I believe in human rights and if it is anyone who needs help to fight an oppressive situation, be it a woman or a man, I do what I can to help rather than focussing on feminism and MRA’s!
    Tweeting this post so that the message is spread!\
    Best, Rashmi

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    1. It is an honor to know this and to receive a comment like this from some one who has committed herself to help save humanity. Like I’ve mentioned earlier – it is absolutely relieving and satisfying to know that there are many out there who think on these lines and who truly believe such issues need to be addressed if humanity needs to be on track. It is truly sad what we have come down to. Here’s wishing you all the very best in all your strives and struggles to help everyone that you come across. God Speed!

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