Writing101 & Blogging101 #Day 6 – The Space to Write & An “About” page.

After writing a long scroll of “About Me’s” on my “About” page – I have finally managed to give an insight to why I started writing and what one could hope to find on my blog just in case they decided to peak in.

Thanks a ton Blogging 101 for the great tips on how to do the same –

ABOUT ME – Clicking on this should take you guys to my new refurbished introduction to this blog and why it exists.

When the topic of ” The Space to Write” sets in, – it would be a difficult task for a mother of two – less than a year apart kids, to actually define a proper space , time or situation to write.

Sometimes I wait for them to fall asleep and find a corner on the very same bed to sit down and let my thoughts take over my fingers. Many other times, it is them being awake that actually shoots in the energy and inspires me to write about some of the bold stuff ( eg; Feminism – And How We Molested it !) that I wouldn’t really dare to write about in a calm and serene atmosphere, if provided with one!.

Having said that – it would be most appropriate to state that, for me as an individual, it has never been the space that determines the process of thought flow through my head or word flow through my fingers. There have been times when I would be cooking or taking out the trash when seeing someone or witnessing some sort of a random event would strike a chord in my head that would in turn unleash a tap full of thoughts and words that would come flooding in so bad – that I’d have to literally put aside all other plans for the day and sit down with a pen – irrespective of the place I was seated at !

It would be safe to say that I use everything as an inspiration around me and that is what I would define as my “space to write” – And I cannot thank my children and husband enough for being so supportive of the same and not for once creating a situation where I’d be forced to hold my thoughts !!

” So write your story as it needs to be written. Write it honestly, and tell it as best as you can. I’m not sure that there are any other rules. Not the ones that matter! “Neil Gaiman.


9 thoughts on “Writing101 & Blogging101 #Day 6 – The Space to Write & An “About” page.

  1. Yes! We must write even when we have young children. That torrent of words that cannot be turned off–that’s usually where the best magic comes from. I love you avatar photo–quite shyly beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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