Writing101 #Day 9 – A Love Letter To A Place….

Dear most bewildering, astonishingly beautiful and eternally a wonderment to me, space,

I have spent moments and beyond, drowned deeply in the many different colors of the moon and the heart warming strokes of the stars…..

I’ve spent deeper moments pondering over the confounding truth that what I often set my eyes upon, and loose myself in, is nothing but a petite fraction of the numerous astounding and wondrous worlds  that you so graciously hold within your vast and eternal heavens.

You are a dark never ending story with boundless tales within you that shine through your darkness in vibrant colors, sparks and rays.

I could tune in to your every tale and yet carry an unfulfilled heart bursting with curiosity and daze, at your mighty expanse and the multiplicity of stories being born each second within your realm…

In our world that reckons on the excuse of time to break hearts … your existence so gracefully explains time as an unnecessary tool of our imagination – that we so naive, yet willingly, use to lock and chain down in shackles, the best of our own world.

Out in your world, I’ve heard, going back and forth in time is a usual … a minute could count as a year and  sometimes a year could be nothing but a day… – Then how, pray-tell, do I contain myself from my curiosities of you …my yearning to reach out to you…. my longing to, maybe someday, wander and float pointlessly in your resplendent darkness, with voids amidst voids ..giving emptiness a profound and beautiful definition far far away from what we human perceive emptiness to be in our world?

If something as shattering as darkness and emptiness could be defined, perceived and delivered so positively and divinely …I wonder if everything that means to fall apart in our world could have another redeemed meaning in yours? Failed emotions such as love, wisdom, trust, hope, faith, selflessness, ….. maybe even arrogance, anger and ignorance would be charmingly designated at yours…

Perhaps you are the heaven we are promised about… the heaven that is beyond human perception… the heaven that cannot be researched upon  …. the heaven that does not begin nor end…. a heaven with all the answers… a heaven with nothing but goodness eternally…

I see us humans trying to defy an Almighty power that we are told, keeps this all intact… I see us humans sending people in flying machines to explore you … to seek in you answers that would reinstate our arrogance and pride of being the creators and sustainers ourselves…or maybe help us escape the bitter truth that we know absolutely nothing, and learning is something as eternally beautiful as your empty dark space …not something that can be bought or bottled or entirely mastered like everything else around us.

We are spending every dime we have on unclear explorations of the worlds within your world – with none but the sole intention of claiming that we are indestructible and if not yet, we will be, with the assistance we receive or steal from your world. We explore and explore and explore…. yet what you provide, are a million more worlds to explore… a billion unanswered questions hanging in “space” ….. and your ever so astounding darkness with strokes and rays of light …perhaps telling us that you are not a question to be answered… perhaps declaring your divinity …..perhaps teaching us again and again that it takes a certain amount of humbleness and humility to understand that there is mystery out there and the fact that this mystery is deserving of respect without demand.

You are far far away from my reach…. I see only a stroke of you from my world….. and yet you manage to so subtly teach me some of the most greatest lessons that I have learnt in life. I hold in my eyes wonderment and delight and a million unanswered questions that I don’t really want an answer to anymore; For you’ve taught me that in patience you unfold and in my attitude while being patient- you answer.

Thank you for leaving the moon and a sky full of stars behind for me….. For at the sight of the moon, I am pushed to ponder over your mysteries , tales and stories….

…and the stars give me hope – maybe today, maybe tomorrow, someday…someday I will be invited, someday WE will be invited into your eternal darkness and discover that our perception is not even remotely close to your breath-taking, staggering and spectacular celestial reality.

“The earth is the cradle of humanity. And mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.”Konstantin Tsiolkovsky – and the fact that humanity has started waving goodbye and sadly diminishing in the distance, perhaps indicates that the “someday”, hopefully, isn’t very far away.


19 thoughts on “Writing101 #Day 9 – A Love Letter To A Place….

  1. wow, that was absolutely beautiful! as someone who loves those tumblreqsue pictures of galaxies and nebulas, i know what you feel about outer space, and i couldn’t have put it better 🙂 awesome post!

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  2. This is a wonderful personification of Space. I love the header-image and your writing is indeed beautifully crafted words to show your affinity for the vast and mysterious space.

    I wihs you very best.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much !! Forgive me for the delay in responding. ..as you may have noticed I’ve been away from the beautiful world of words for a while… 🙂 Been active again sine yesterday and I hope to pursue it even more than I already do or can. Thanks again for being a regular here 🙂 God Speed!

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      1. Not really…I was eager to be back to writing as the words were struggling and screaming to be let out ! 😀 Glad to be back.
        I look forward to reading all the posts I’ve missed from your end too!!


    1. Thank you so much for that ! It sure did made me smile 🙂 Forgive me for the delay … Its been a while since I got down to checking my blog or even publishing for that matter – This needs to be the resolution I make this year 🙂 … will surely answer the questions soon ! God speed. 🙂

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