A girl always needs her mother… FATHER.

Many would find this very contradicting to their beliefs and perceptions. However, many others would delightfully share my thoughts in this regard…

Yes. Mothers. They are THE epitome of love, emotions, warmth and comfort. Everyone needs their mothers. She’s the zipper that cloaks the family in one tight cloth of affection and understanding. She’s the unbeatable, irreplaceable entity, whose presence determines the functioning, while absence – the chaos & malfunctioning of a home, & of those who reside within it.

She is an indispensable tool of survival for each and everyone that surrounds her, and is often perceived to be of extraordinary assistance in terms of a daughter. All true.

But a girl always needs her father..

He’s the very first man that she trusts by default; the very first man that lays down the standards and sets the bar for all the other men that she will ever meet in her lifetime; the very first man who displays what she must expect from other men and how to never settle for anything less than pure love, honesty & understanding; the very first man who allows her to get away with anything simply because she’s his li’l girl and will always remain to be so; the very first man she wants to impress in every way possible, the very first man who humors her screw up’s & goof up’s in life & teaches her that its all OK, as thus is life; the very first man she wants to share her triumphs & failures with; the very first man who teaches her to rub the dust off her knees when she falls down and helps her stand back on her feet again; the very first man who looks at her with pride, appreciation and wonderment in his eyes every single day from the day she was born and perhaps the only man who will never ever make her cry !

I am someone who has come to understand that life is a journey with an uncertain full stop that could cross your path at any moment – and so everything that is thrown at you whilst this journey, irrespective of its nature & kind, positive or negative, needs to be absorbed, acknowledged and understood so that tomorrow you are a bigger , better YOU. This lesson was one of the many that I learned along the way, as I grew up quite independent of my surroundings or the individuals I was surrounded by.. Perhaps the very reason why I understand the aching need and the crucial role played by a father in the life of his daughter…

To those who have been blessed beyond abundance with a father who has stood by the very definition of what the word “FATHER”- Hold him close to your heart every minute before the uncertain full stop of life crosses either of your paths. Tell him as often as you possibly can about the fact that how no one will ever come even remotely close to the special place that he has occupied in your life for eternity and beyond.Most importantly, tell him how much you love him everyday and how you couldn’t thank the almighty enough for a blessing such as him in your life !

….’Cuz what you so often take for granted..is another’s desperate prayer..!








12 thoughts on “Father…

      1. I just peaked into yours and read one post… LOVED IT.. and it lead me to reading three others !!! I love your blog !! Great reviews and insights on some books that I most definately need to get my hands on !!!! For an addicted reader like myself – Your blog sure is heaven on a plate 😀 ! Thank you so much for bumping into mine and giving me the opportunity to peak into your little world of lovely words and phrases 🙂 Will be a regular for sure ! Feel free to go through my previous posts… having seen your genres… seems to me that you’d find couple of things out here that might interest you 🙂 Great day to you as well !

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    1. Thank you !! Loved so many of your posts – failed to click the like button as I went on reading one after the other… expect a spree of likes soonish 😀 ! Feel free to go through my other posts as well. Been away from blogging for a while and just returned to it this New Year’s eve 🙂 Great bumping into you and your lovely blog. Cheers !

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