Morning, not-so morning encounters !!

4:00am : I wake up panting. I look left and right peering into the darkness in hopes of regaining a decent vision in a few seconds. Man.. Ive definitely got to get my eyes checked this month. I’m more-than-part blind!!!

Trying not to trip and wake the slumbering husband or kids, I battle with my toes in a graceful ballerina style, yeah right!!, and eventually make it to the door of my bedroom.

The door that leads you in and out of the house is made of glass so one can pretty much look through it; and view our rooftop and the skies from inside the house. I stick my face on to the door, my forehead and nose stuck to the glass like a parasite. I stare … Why is it so dark?! It’s morning. Didn’t I just wake up to make tea? So it is 7-8am…Why is it so freakin’ dark???? Is this some kinda OBE??? But then I wouldn’t technically be able to touch things ..would I? ….Wait, am I dead????!!!! Good God have I crossed over in my sleep???????????!!!!!

There’s no need to panic. Just walk to the washroom, wash your face and we’ll put things into perspective. By the way, who’s “we”?! 

I walk to the washroom and sprinkle water over my face in repeated motions until I feel that sanity is slowly returning back.

I suspiciously, creepily, glare at myself in the washroom mirror. Ok. So I woke up. He is still in bed with the kids. So it is night?! No, I slept after 2am. It couldn’t possibly be night! And it isn’t 7-8am ‘cuz he’d be gone for work by then. And so, I definitely didn’t wake up to make tea. So the sun hasn’t risen. So it is morning but not exactly morning. Is that it?! That is why it is dark!!! I AM NOT DEAD!!I’ve got this!! I’m fine. I was part sleeping (parallel to  being part blind). I’m fine. And phew, I’m definitely not dead. We’re out of the woods!!!!! Wait….who IS this we?!!!

As I walked back to the bedroom and noticed the clock in the hallway pointing at 4:30am, I thought to myself – this was probably the after effects of reading and dwelling, not to mention posting an article on the current Syrian circumstances just before I went to bed. How else should I explain the sheer stupidity of me thinking that I was dead a while ago?!

I slowly slid under the blanket and almost instantly drifted into slumber land.

6:00 am : In less than a minute, I was woken by the alarm.

My husband sleepily rants ” how is it morning already….”.                   I drowsily respond “I’m sorry baby….”. Wait, why am I sorry..?Morning?! What morning? How on earth is it morning? I just shut my eyes a minute ago and it was 4:30am. This can’t be right. Wait…am I..NO! NO! IM NOT! We are NOT going back to that theory all over again! And again..”we”?!!!

9:15am. It has been over three hours now since the husband has been “school-packed” off to work. I’ve had my tea. The kids had an eventful night playing imaginary Raphael and Michael Angelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’re sleeping in, for a little longer today.

I’ve now sat myself down on our rooftop with my second round of tea-sipping... wondering what other adventures to be encountered by an extremely sleep deprived ME, not we, today.

P.S. Each of my posts on this site are categorised into different genres based on readers preferences. This particular piece is the initiation of the new “Adventures by the Hour!!” category and can be found under that genre for those who would like to indulge themselves!




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