Silent Night…Sleepless Night.

Ever since that I decided to start blogging again, the sheer thrill and mounting excitement has only grown stronger with the hours passing by. Having been away from one of my deepest passions for almost a year, has undoubtedly left me with much to say for myself and much to share with my humbling readers.

However, every time that I sat down today with the intention of sharing my long contained tales and stories, I somehow couldn’t bring myself to let out the flow of thoughts, which otherwise don’t require any particular form of impetus to pour out. The only visions and thoughts revolving around my head and rapidly being thrown into my view since morning, are the unexplainably devastating circumstances being confronted by individuals not very far from where I am located. Yes, we’re talking Syria.

I could go into the politics of this situation or the global perceptions on the same – But I simply don’t want to. When has that ever done anyone any good? And how is that going to help someone out there right in this moment, let alone save a life under the present circumstances? What have we humans come down to?

It is passed midnight; my husband is having a late midnight snack as he watches his favourite team kick the football; my kids sleep warm and peaceful wrapped in fluffy cuddly blankets entirely oblivious to anything negative, harmful or even remotely close to the word “unpleasant” at this hour (ever!) . I take turns and watch my husband, and then my kids…

Wouldn’t the innocent civilians who are at this very moment asking for mercy-killings, and bravely looking death in the eye, also have shared a quiet warm and secure moment at some point in the distant past – just like we are tonight? Where the current confrontations were nothing more than perhaps a bad dream, or a bad political circumstance in another part of the world other than theirs….just like how we perceive it right now? Wouldn’t a mother just like myself have looked at her husband and kids and silently prayed in aching gratitude that it wasn’t them going through these inhuman situations?

That is just about how uncertain the package of life is……Today it is unfortunately their hour of suffering…tomorrow God forbid, it could be ours.

A handful of us comprehending the gravity of such events is not going to work in anyone’s favour. And most definitely not in the favour of those who need some sort of critical assistance to get them out of their undeserving plight. However, there is always something that one can do within one’s parameters, that in some way will assist the humanity at large.

Tonight, let’s be grateful. I say tonight not because it is impossible otherwise. But simply because life goes on in such monotonous patterns that we are quick to look past the immeasurable blessings and unaccounted goodness that is already bestowed upon us. Let’s be thankful for a roof, for a loaf of bread, for a glass of water, for a blanket, for parents who are alive, for husbands who are healthy to provide, for children who are safe and warm, for our very own fearless and confident selves who walk amidst crowds following normal routines of day to day monotony …..and yet, the tiny list of things that I just mentioned are possibly a minute fraction of a grain of blessings in comparison to the magnanimous expanse of what we hold when we look at those who are currently considering killing their own children and death as a better option staying alive.

As I scroll through the images to upload a “featured image” for this post, I see nothing but blood shed and tears. So, I am uploading an image of the times before this monstrous and barbaric reign took over them. In hopes that there will be a silver lining to all of this. In hopes that the good will always overcome that which is bad. In hopes of….hope.










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