“Time” ticks.. Another Year Down..

As we swiftly approach the end of this year….. I’m reminded of my year-end post last year….. #throwback

Breathing Now. Writing Now.

It feels like forever, since I’ve sat down & let my thoughts flow into words & tales…

One of the most delightful lessons I’ve acknowledged this year more than any other one before it, is that”Time” is not only a convenient fragment of our imaginations, but also a brilliant excuse to get away with those important little things that truly define life!

Writing has always been the perfect word to define myself – What I write is what I am – Nothing more… nothing less. To define “writing” as a mere hobby or a free-time indulgence would be a terrible understatement in my case; and yet I’ve convincingly narrated to myself and  to others around me, that I simply cannot find the time for it anymore.

Imagine ! What I’m actually saying is that I do not have “TIME” for something that actually defines me – something I cannot do without – something…

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