♫♪Its Just a Thought….Only a Thought♫♪

2:51 pm : We’re parked just about 3 hours away from the city, practically in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing but endless deserts on four sides of us.

The husband had an errand to run, at one of the petroleum rigs and as usual took the kids and myself along for a long, looooooooooong drive. Our favourite tunes playing on full blast as the cloudy dull skies compliment the lovely cold weather.

3:00 pm : Staring into an eternal vision of sand for about 10 minutes can make one , such as I, to ponder over a million things…

I have never been able to comprehend our oblivious attitude to the simple fact that none of us are here to stay. Nothing is permanent and most imperatively, we do not own anything over here irrespective of what we like to feed our minds on this aspect.

I do not judge those who have the constant need of wanting to own something to call it “their own”… it is just that I’ve just never really understood that line of thought…..

We live in times where an entire nation is wiped out over night just because of political and economical unrests. Not to mention the overnight wipe outs of countries at large, due to natural disasters which by the way – are the result of our very own needs and wants of possessing more and more, irrespective of what has been destructed or destroyed in that process.

So what was, or is the point of us wasting our selves away in the pursuit of possessing more and more? What is the point of possession when truly none of this has ever been ours to possess in the first place? Moreover, why do we stress over tomorrow and the million years to come when we actually have absolutely no clue of what is going to happen the very next minute?

Stress, broken relationships, never-ending needs and ultimately an unsatisfied life – all in the pursuit of a magnanimous ownership of larger-than-life possessions in the years to come!

And yet we demonstrate the audacity to ridicule the few but unique perceptions of those who actually comprehend the essence of life by living TODAY; by deeply realizing that the present moment is all that one truly is in control of; by understanding that stressing ourselves and hurting others in order to save up and have possessions for a million years is simply not worth it when you have no guarantee of a tomorrow; by knowing that we are all here for a limited time – so bask in all that is there today and generously give the extras away…

” It’s just a thought….Only a thought…If my life is for rent…. And I don’t learn to buy…. Well I deserve nothing more than I get…’Cuz nothing I have is truly mine..”

And the song plays on repeat as I stare into the desert which, often just like my thoughts, seem to have no beginning nor end..




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