Tick Tock… Tick Tock..

A new year…. yet my take on “Time” stands still…

Breathing Now. Writing Now.

Why won’t you wait for me… Why won’t you wait until I’m done?

I cannot pause ..I do not stop … And so I wait for none.

Oh please just for once ? ‘Cuz if only you would – possibilities would cease to stop.

It is not I .. It is not my call… And so not once nor twice… I simply wait for none.

Not you – Then to whom should I plead? .. To whom should I unleash my plight ?

My dear child , you created me, then why with my existence do you fight ?

What.. How… I do not understand .. How can I be the reason you are when I’ve always known you to be ?

Dear child I was never around – until you wanted to take over , so you conceived me.

I maybe a restraint but I am only a creative…

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