Our Greatest Responsibility 

As always, there is absolutely NOTHING out there that is as satisfying as receiving a book you ordered! More so, when you’ve eagerly picked it out for the kids and waited patiently to address the million thought provoking questions that’ll canonball once they’re done reading. 

Out of the million and  slowly-becoming-harder-to-keep-count-of perks of being a Homeschooler (almost crossing the 100 happy days of homeschooling count now!!! :D), the most exciting and truly liberating one, has been that of being able to choose absolutely any reads, and tailor it into your core teaching syllabus for your kids. 

Being an Electic Waldorfian Homeschooler – my kids aged almost-5 and almost-3, are for obvious reasons, in the wandering/painting/planting/discovering/lots of storytelling/reading all day all night/creative thinking and making phase, ‘cuz semi-formal/formal teaching only begins after age 6 for us. However, I’ve thrown in a Montessori curriculum into our adventures as well, to encompass more subjects such as math, botany, geography, zoology  etc., – knowing that my kids would appreciate variety and a different topic each day (if possible each hour!!!). 

And so, we’ve covered tons of books in our journey so far, but reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein has been one of my favourite recent experiences!!!

I have always held that nobody is better equipped than a child, to ask questions that matter, while silmultaneously providing you with the best answer that there is to the question asked. Our journey through this book, has further reinstated this belief of mine. 
After indulging in a long fascinating discussion with my 4-almost-5 year old son, when we were done reading; he, after a long pause and perhaps trying to find the appropriate words said, “We must love without winning and getting”.

With further explanation from his end (to the best of his abilities and current vocabulary!! ), I understood that he meant that WE ALL NEED TO LOVE & GIVE WITHOUT KEEPING SCORE 🙂 .

 As I have always held, children are the only hope and the sole key to it all – and so, our greatest responsibility!


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