She #3

She lives in a world of wonders Watching everyone passing by… Thoughts and feelings What might they be… Must she knock Could she help set them free? Of losses and triumphs Heart-aches and bonds Which one of them mattered… Could she help any unlock? Every night her wonderments hault The mirror reflects the answer she… Read More She #3

Bleeding Words #1

A prayer has the power to alter your destiny. All it takes is a prayer. So I ask…are you still allowing the excuse of “fate” to swallow your passions? To abandon that which you soulfully know is the purpose of your journey… To let go of that which keeps you ticking? -BreathingNowWritingNow.

Bleeding Words #2

Dear Girl, Boy, Man, Woman, White, Black, Conservative, Liberal, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Straight, LBGT, Slim, Curved, Healthy, Educated, Mentally Stable and the likes… Blowing out another’s candle will not make yours shine any brighter. Sincerely, Every silent non-responding victim of daily hatred spews and rants. -BreathingNowWritingNow.

She #1

She was one with much to say yet words unspoken… She lived in paradoxes, A universe of her own, swimming oceans and floating galaxies… She was expected to cave in to monotonies, yet reseliently she fought… Her ultimate was to divulge her raw undying emotions… The gripping desire to share unworldly perceptions… And so, she… Read More She #1

Sometimes A Block Can Set You Free – A writer’s perspective.

One would think, that having a head full of words and a heart full of emotions waiting to burst out, would be sufficient for the words to come flowing like the eternal skies with no borderlines to define it. Staying away from writing for over a year has responded to such presumptions with a simple… Read More Sometimes A Block Can Set You Free – A writer’s perspective.